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Navigating your home with ease and comfort is a necessity, not a luxury. Dolphin Stairlifts, a part of Dolphin Mobility, understands this and has dedicated itself to providing a wide range of high-quality stairlifts to suit various customer needs.

Discover the world of Dolphin Stairlifts, where safety, affordability, and excellent customer service come together to help you regain your freedom and independence at your own home again.

Exploring Dolphin Stairlifts

Dolphin Stairlifts, operating under the reputed Dolphin Mobility, offers an impressive range of stairlift solutions to cater to different customer requirements.

Straight, or curved stairs, or outdoor stairlifts – Dolphin Stairlifts has it all.

But it is not just the variety that sets Dolphin Stairlifts apart; their commitment to safety, quality, and excellent customer service has earned them a sterling reputation among customers.

So, whether you have a simple straight staircase or curved stairlift or a few straight staircases or complex curved one, you can trust Dolphin Stairlifts to provide the right stairlift for your needs.

Straight Stairlifts

A straight stairlift is specifically designed for a straight flight of stairs without any turns or curves. It operates along a rail that is devoid of bends, turns, or curves.

Compared to their more curved stairlift counterparts, straight stairlifts are more affordable due to their simpler rail construction and the technology needed to operate them.

In essence, a straight stairlift lift, specifically one manufacturer as a straight stairlift, is a cost-effective and efficient solution for those who need assistance navigating straight stairs.

Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts, on the other hand, are tailored to accommodate staircases with bends and turns. These custom-made stairlifts feature a rail that precisely matches the contours and dimensions of straight staircases and the curved stairs themselves, providing a smooth and comfortable experience with a curved stairlift.

The seamless transition between floors and the secure ride offered by curved stairlifts make them an ideal solution for those dealing with curved staircases.

Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts are specifically engineered to endure external conditions, providing safe access to outdoor spaces in any weather. These robust, weatherproof mobility aids are suitable for both straight and curved stairs, making them a versatile option for individuals with limited mobility.

With outdoor stairlifts, you can confidently enjoy your garden, patio, or any other outdoor area without worrying about the safety and reliability of your mobility solution.

The Dolphin Lifts Group Advantage

As a part of Dolphin Mobility, Dolphin Stairlifts benefits from the Dolphin Lifts Group’s professional service, local branches across the UK, and independent supplier status.

This means that customers can always expect unbiased, expert advice on the best stairlift options to suit their specific needs.

Let’s dive deeper into the advantages of choosing Dolphin Stairlifts as your stairlift supplier.

Professional Service

When it comes to professional service, the Dolphin Lifts Group leaves no stone unturned. With their expert installation, maintenance, and customer support, you can be confident that your stairlift is in the best hands possible.

The dedication to customer satisfaction, combined with their high-quality service, sets Dolphin Lifts Group apart from other stairlift suppliers.

Local Branches

Dolphin Lifts Group has local branches located throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, ensuring easy access to their services and products.

This wide-reaching presence means that customers can rely on Dolphin Lifts Group for timely support and assistance. Making the stairlift installation and maintenance process as seamless as possible is a priority for the company.

Dolphin Lifts Group is a company committed to providing the highest quality of service and products to its customers. They have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that the company and customers receive the best service.

Independent Supplier

As an independent supplier, Dolphin Lifts Group is not tied to any one manufacturer, allowing them to provide unbiased advice and recommendations on the best stairlift options for customers. With their wealth of experience in the industry, Dolphin Lifts Group can help you find the right solution most suitable stairlift solution tailored to your specific needs and budget.

They have a wide range of stairlifts available, from straight stairlifts to curved stairlifts, and can provide a free home survey to ensure the perfect fit. They also offer a large range of aftercare services, including maintenance and repair, to ensure your needs are met.

Cost-effective Solutions

Dolphin Stairlifts understands that each customer’s budget and needs are unique. That’s why they offer cost-effective solutions such as rental and reconditioned stairlifts, ensuring that everyone can find a stairlift that suits their requirements.

Let’s take a closer look at these affordable options.

Rental Stairlifts

Rental stairlifts provide a budget-friendly option for those who require a straight stairlift even for a short duration. At Dolphin Stairlifts, you can rent a straight stairlift for an annual cost of £700, which includes installation, removal, 12 months of rental fees, and servicing.

This means that you can enjoy the convenience dolphin mobility and safety of a stairlift without the long-term commitment.

Reconditioned Stairlifts

Reconditioned stairlifts are pre-owned and professionally refurbished to ensure quality and safety standards. By choosing a reconditioned stairlift, you can save up to £1000 compared to purchasing a new one. This makes it a cost-effective alternative for those on a tighter budget.

Additional Mobility Aids

In addition to their range of stairlifts and stair lifts, the Dolphin Lifts Group also offers home lifts and access lifts for improved mobility and accessibility.

Let’s explore these additional mobility aids and how they can benefit you.

Home Lifts

Home lifts provide a more spacious and comfortable alternative to stairlifts, especially for wheelchair users. These compact elevators can accommodate up to four individuals and come with various safety features like emergency stop buttons, automatic doors, and sensors for obstacle detection.

With a home lift, you can enjoy a seamless transition between floors without compromising on space or comfort.

Access Lifts

Access lifts, also known as platform or disability lifts, are designed to provide convenient access to different levels or areas in businesses and public buildings for individuals with disabilities or mobility issues.

By installing access lifts, businesses and public buildings can ensure compliance with accessibility regulations and provide ease of access for disabled individuals.

Dolphin Lifts Group’s expertise in access lifts makes them a reliable partner for businesses looking to improve their accessibility. They offer a wide range of access lifts, from standard models to custom-built solutions, to meet the needs of any business.

Their experienced team of engineers and technicians can provide advice and guidance on the best access lift for your business, ensuring that you get the best access lift for your business.

Working with Local Authorities

Dolphin Stairlifts works closely with local authorities, operating as an approved supplier and family-run business, ensuring quality service and customer satisfaction.

Let’s explore how their partnerships with local authorities benefit both the councils and Dolphin Stairlifts’ customers.

Approved Supplier

As an approved supplier for councils and housing associations, Dolphin Stairlifts meets high standards of quality and service. This certification by governing bodies instills confidence in customers that Dolphin Stairlifts is a reliable and trustworthy provider of stairlift solutions.

By working with local authorities, Dolphin Stairlifts demonstrates their commitment to excellence in their field.

Family Run Business

Being a family-run business, Dolphin Stairlifts takes a personalised approach to customer service and is dedicated to customer satisfaction. This level of commitment and genuine care for customers sets Dolphin Stairlifts apart from larger, less-personalised corporations.

By choosing Dolphin Stairlifts, you can be confident that you are working with a company that truly values your well-being and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of stairlifts does Dolphin Stairlifts offer?

At Dolphin Stairlifts, we offer a range of stairlift options including straight, curved, and outdoor, stairlift lifts to ensure that customers can find the perfect solution for their home.

Our stairlifts are designed to be easy to use and provide a safe and comfortable ride. We also offer a large range of customisation options to ensure that our stairlifts meet the needs of each individual customer.

Our team of experienced technicians are available to help.

How does Dolphin Stairlifts ensure the quality and safety of their stairlifts?

Dolphin Stairlifts takes extra measures to ensure the safety and quality of their stairlifts through rigorous testing and reliable warranties.

What are the benefits of renting a stairlift from Dolphin Stairlifts?

Renting a stairlift from Dolphin Stairlifts offers an easy and affordable way to restore mobility and freedom in the home. With no long-term commitment, reliable maintenance services, and an efficient installation process, renting a stairlift can be a convenient solution.

It is important to consider the features of the stairlift you are renting, such as the weight capacity, the type of stairlift, and the safety features. You should also consider the cost of renting a stairlift.

How much can I save by choosing a reconditioned stairlift from Dolphin Stairlifts?

By choosing a reconditioned stairlift from Dolphin Stairlifts, you can make a significant savings of up to £1000 on the cost of a new one.

This is a great way to get the same quality of product at a fraction of the cost.

Dolphin Stairlifts have a wide range of reconditioned stairlifts available, so you can be sure to find a suitable one that meets your needs.

Are home lifts and access lifts also available from Dolphin Lifts Group?

Yes, Dolphin Lifts Group can provide customers with their own home, lifts and access lifts to meet their needs. They offer a range of tailored solutions for improved mobility and accessibility.


This exploration of Dolphin Stairlifts has shown that they offer a comprehensive range of stairlift solutions, catering to various customer needs and budgets.

With their professional service, local presence, and independent supplier status, Dolphin Stairlifts is a reliable partner for those seeking a stairlift to enhance their mobility at home.

By also offering home lifts, access lifts, and working closely with local authorities, Dolphin Stairlifts demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and accessibility for all. Choose Dolphin Stairlifts for your mobility needs and regain your freedom and independence at home.

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